Performing Vogue at the 1990 MTV Awards.
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Backstage at the MTV Awards. Photo by Herb Ritts.
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With brother Christopher at a Mexican art exhibition in October 1990.



Having fun on the French Riviera during the Blond Ambition tour.
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Partying with Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar.
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Pictures from this photo session by Steven Meisel originally
appeared in different places, in Max Magazine August 1991, LUI
Magazine April 1991, and the
1992 official Madonna calendar.
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Shooting the session above.
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Eating cake with Jean Paul Gaultier and brother Chris.
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Madonna visiting the lesbian club Palette in West Hollywood.
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This Herb Ritts picture was on the cover
of the 1992 Boy Toy by Mail catalogue.



From a Japanese spa commercial.



From the Vogue video, directed by David Fincher.
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As Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy.
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Behind the scenes of Dick Tracy.
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In Germany.
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Madonna rehearsing for the European
premiere of the Blond Ambition tour in Sweden.
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Madonnas 32nd birthday, as seen in Truth or Dare.



With Tony Ward at a Martha Graham tribute.
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At the premiere of Goodfellas.
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Madonna with the Blond Ambition dancers and Jean
Paul Gaultier. The session can be seen in Truth or Dare.
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With Warren Beatty.
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On Madonnas birthday with Tony Ward.



Backstage scenes from the Blond Ambition Tour.
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At the Dick Tracy premiere.
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Patrick Demarchelier pictures used on
the cover of the Justify My Love single.
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During the Blond Ambition Tour.
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On French TV show Cine Star with Michael Drucker.
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That black car again.
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