At the 1984 MTV Awards.
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Photos by Herb Ritts. The picture above
was the centerspread of the Virgin Tour program.
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Attending a Michael Jackson concert with Jellybean.
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In an illustrious Keith Haring skirt.



Besides camera lenses, Madonna was
particularly attached to mirrors at this time.



Behind the scenes rehearsal of the MTV Awards.



By Oliviero Toscani, the man behind the controversial Benetton campaigns.
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Performing Like A Virgin in a pink wig
at the British pop show Top of the Pops.
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Francesco Scavullo session from 1984.
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By Tony Frank in Paris. She was
there to perform Holiday on a TV show.
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More from Paris. It says Swimmer on the back on the Healthy shirt.
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Series from English magazine Smash Hits. The first four pics were published
in the February 1984 issue, the following three in the December issue the
same year, and the rest in other magazines. Photo by Eric Watson.
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The magazines were filled with pictures
from this Michal Putland session in 1984.
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These Helmut Werb photos were also among
the mostly spread Madonna images of this year.
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At the New Music Seminar in New York.
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At rock 'n' roll clown David Lee Roths's birthday party.
6 pictures ›



With Sire boss Seymor Stein, who
signed Madonna when he was hospitalized.



With Jellybean.
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Fan photo from the Virgin Tour.



In Japan.
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